PG Devtools

PG Devtool Plugin codename PGMonaco, is an integration of monaco code editor and terminal to Pinegrow. Monaco Editor is used in Visual Studio Code and many applications. 

Available features for now:

  • Integrated Monaco
  • Integrated terminal into PG **
  • emmet for html and css
  • support for html, css, C#, json, razor, php, typescript and javascript enabled (most intellisense are not implemented yet)
  • Perfect intellisense for html and css.
  • Click on none html files and auto open on editor
  • Auto update preview
  • go to line in editor - Ctrl + G
  • open editor - F7
  • open terminal - alt + `
  • pop out editor **
  • Multiple tabs in editor
  • Single tab for terminal
  • All basic monaco editor features available
  • and more to come.